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Are Children welcome?

Yes, we are a child friendly property and provide 2 travel cots, (no bedding) a high chair and stair gate.

Are there any walks around the Property?

Yes, we have 20 acres of private gated land surrounding the property. We are just 2 fields away from a stroll along the River Trent and there are detailed left in the Guest Book in the Kitchen Area.

Can I amend the times of arrival and or departure?

Yes, 2pm or 12 noon, subject to availability, there is a charge of £40.00 per amendment.

Can I connect my laptop or Apple TV to a television?

Yes, we have a 65 inch Smart TV in the main Lounge and Bedroom 5.

Can I decorate the house with Balloons and Banners?

Yes, but ask for these to be removed after your stay and use white tack. Please see our Booking T & Cs in case of damage to the walls.

Can I have a service not on your recommendations under Services?

Yes, but they must have an Insurance Liability Policy, which has a minimum of 5 million pounds cover. We ask for a copy this in advance of your stay.Please also advise the Company Name when booking.

Can I have a takeaway delivered to the Property?

We leave takeaway leaflets in the black top draw under the Welcome Tray. There is also a selection on our website under the tab "Services" Local Services "Food" scroll down to Takeway. Uber eat and Just eat also deliver to the property. The postcode NG14 7LS

Can I have a Therapist or Beauty Treatments?

Yes, please see our Services, Beauty for recommendations.

Can I have a wedding at the Property?

Yes, Maximum 50 guests, to include those staying over night. Please note the Dinning Room only seats 36.

Can I have an on-line food delivery?

Yes, the main supermarkets visit all the time.

Horspool Retreat, Gibsmere, Nottingham, NG14 7LS

Taking the turning into Gibsmere, which is sign posted, stay on the road to the very end and do not take any turnings. The road ends at the property.

Can I invite people to the Property?

No, not unless we are aware and have given our permission.Please see our Booking T & Cs in regards to this strict policy. We have CCTV and we may use this, if we need to make a charge for additional guests visiting.

Can I pre arrange a taxi?

Yes, see our Services,Transport.

Can I request a visit before I book?

Yes, subject to availability, no weekends or evenings after 6pm.

Can I sleep less than 20?

Yes, but over a weekend our minimum rate of 20 guests apply. Monday to Thursday, we can offer rates per person, per night. With teen and child discount applied. Sundays are on request only.

Can I sleep more than 25 guests?

Yes, please request details.

Can I smoke during my stay?

Not in the Property, but we provide a commercial sized ash tray on the wall in the Courtyard, and outside the main front door for your convenience.

Can I use Biro or Pens, whilst seated on the sofas?

We ask you not to use any type of biro, pen, markers, felt tip pen, paints, etc whilst seated on any of the leather sofas or chairs. The ink does not remove. There is a charge per panel damaged, that may need replacing. The price starts from £35.00 per panel, fitted. This is deducted from your Security Deposit. Please see our House Rules for this point.

Can I use candles?

The fire alarms are very sensitive, so we ask you not to use candles, as they can set the alarms off. If it is late at night, Staff may not be available to switch off the loud siren until the following morning.

Can I use feathers, party poppers, glitter, confetti etc?

This causes more cleaning as it is difficult to fully remove on a 4 hours turn around and therefore we make a minimum charge of £100.00, as we need more Staff on site.

Can I use fireworks at the property?

We are not insured for Fireworks at the property, so we're sorry, we must refuse these.

Do I have to recycle my refuse?

No, as we are classed as a commercial property, you do not need to recycle, to include any glass bottles.

Do I have to take away my refuse?

No, we have 2 large commercial bins at the entrance to the Property.

Do we accept Dogs?

Yes we can accept pets, subject to the type and size. Please request the charge.

We do have a strict policy that does not allow them on the bedding and furniture.

Do you have a DVD player?

Yes in the main seating area.

Do you have a Floor & Sleeping Plan so I can choose my bedroom prior to arrival?

Yes, please see this under the heading Explore.

Do you have cooling fans in the bedrooms, during hot weather?

Yes, they are left available in the wardrobe for you.

Do you provide a travel cot and stair gate?

Yes, we have 2 travel cots, although do not supply the bedding and 1 stair gate. Please request when booking.

Do you provide electric car charging?

Yes, We are in Partnership with Tesla and Porsche and have Electric Multi Charge Vehicle Points available for all Electric Vehicles.

These are for our Clients use who are staying on site with us. There is no charge and you may have unlimited use.

Do you provide hair dryers?

We Provide 1 hair-dryer in each of the bedrooms; these are usually placed in the top draw.

Do you provide hand wash, shower gel and shampoo?


Do you provide Tea & Coffee?

We leave a mixture of Beverage Sachets to include different types of Teas. Orange and Blackcurrant Squash, Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Sugar. Milk is also left available in the fridge.

Do you provide toilet roll?

We supply 2 toilet rolls in each bathroom, but you may wish to bring some in addition.

Do you provide towels?

Yes we supply a set of towels per person, to include a bath and hand towel, in the bedrooms.

We also provide a Hand Towel in the Utility and Lobby Wash-rooms.

Swimming pool Towels are on request at the time of booking and are charged.

Do you provide WiFi Internet access?

Yes, we have unlimited satellite wifi. There is no additional charge.

Do you supply an Ironing and Ironing Board?

Yes we leave these available in the Utility Room.

Does the Freezer produce Ice?

No, we ask you to bring your own bags.

If I have an on-line delivery, is there any special delivery instructions?

Yes, please provide the following: Taking the turning to Gibsmere, stay on the Rd to the very end, do not take any turnings, as the Rd ends at the Property.

If I have any questions during my stay, is there a contact?

Yes, both Laura who is the Manager and Luke who is the Maintenance Manager, are available at your convenience and numbers are provided for you during your stay.

Is my Security Deposit Refunded after my stay?

Yes, around 48 hours after departure and subject to no breakages or damages, please see our T & Cs and House Rules for ease of its return.

Is the Property accessible for a wheelchair?

Yes, please see our access statement, under About, Access Statement.

Is there a Pub within walking distance?

See "Services" Local Services, Food, Local Pubs & Restaurants.

Is there a Sound System?

Yes, there is a Bose Speaker in the kitchen and it has an auxiliary cable for a phone etc.

Is there any additional heating, other than under floor?

Yes, there are radiators upstairs. During cold weather we also leave free standing heaters in the house, which are on a thermostat for you to control.

Is there anybody on site during my stay?

Yes, Laura the Manager and Luke the Maintenance Manager stay on site, but away from the Property. This is in case of any calls during your stay with us.

What is the size of the pool table?

It is a 7ft slate pool table.

What Television (TV) package do you provide?

The TV in the main area and Bedroom 5 (Emperor Suite) are Smart TVs. All other bedrooms and the kitchen are standard TVs.

What type of pillows do you supply?

A mixture. Feather and Hollow Fibre. Both have hypoallergenic pillow case covers.

What type of Pool table is it?

The Pool table is American with a slate top.

Why do I have to use your preferred Catering Company?

Our Insurance Company requests a 5 million pound Liability Policy which our Catering Company/Private Chef holds. They are also fully aware of the operation of the induction hob and ovens/microwaves to save any issues with your food being overcooked/under-heated.

Our own kitchen items are left available and our Chef is fully aware of these and this saves guests being invoiced for kitchen items taken in error by other companies who do not know the Kitchen Area.

Our recommended supplier has all of this in place for your piece of mind.

Do I need to clean the barbecue?

Yes, if you can leave it as clean as possible for our next booking, that would save additional costs for cleaning.

Do you have filtered water?

Yes we have a Zip Tap in the kitchen. This supply's filtered hot and cold water.

Do you increase cutlery, glasses etc, if there are more than 25 guests staying?

Yes we provide the exact number that has been agreed for your stay.

Do you provide a barbecue?

Yes, Coal BBQ. Please bring your own fuel.

Do you provide a High Chair?

Yes we can for that for you,. We also have a stair gate and 2 travel cots, although we do not provide the bedding.

Do you provide a welcome tray?

Yes we leave the following for you to enjoy on arrival.

  • White & brown sugar sachets
  • Squash sachets
  • Coffee sachets

  • Selection of teas
  • Salt & pepper sachets

Do you provide BBQ Tools?

Yes, we provide these for you.

Do you provide Salt and Pepper?

Yes, Salt and Pepper is provided.

Do you provide table cloths?

Yes, we provide black wipe-able table cloths.

Do you provide tea cups and saucers?

No, but our Catering Company can provide these for you if requested and they are included in High Tea.

Do you provide Tea Pots?

Yes we have one available, alternatively, please see our Catering Company for high tea.

Do you supply speciality Tea?


Do you supply Tea and Coffee?

As we are a Self Catering Property, we initially supply enough for your arrival and also leave milk in the fridge. You may wish to bring some more along.

Does the Freezer produce Ice?

No, we ask you to bring your own bags.

How many freezers do you have?

I inbuilt freezer
1 free standing fridge/freezer in the Utility Room.

How many fridges do you have?

1 free standing American Style Fridge and 1 in-built.
1 Vinidor Wine Storage Cabinet
1 free standing fridge/freezer in the Utility Room.

How many microwaves do you have?

1 free standing and 1 in-built.

How many ovens do you have?

2 Fan ovens.

How many seats does the dining room table have?

36 in total.

How many seats does the kitchen table have?

The kitchen table seats 8/10.

What do you supply in the Kitchen?

The kitchen is fully equipped as would be your own home, we have plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pans etc to cook for up to 36 guests.

What is the size of the Dinning Room Table?

Width: 90cm Length: 708cm Height: 75cm

What is the size of the Kitchen Table?

Width: 80cm Length: 324cm Height: 70cm

What items are included in the Kitchen Cupboards?

We are fully equipped for up to 36 guests.

Kitchen Itinerary

  • X4 wine coolers
  • X4 water jugs
  • X2 tea pots
  • X4 coffee
  • X2 water jugs
  • X1 milk jug
  • X2 scales
  • X2 gravy boats
  • X2 cheese graters
  • X4 frying pans
  • X3 colander
  • X4 large cooking pots
  • X5 glass trays (mixed sizes)
  • X4 glass bowls (mixed sizes)
  • X4 mixing bowls
  • X2 oven proof dishes (small & medium)
  • X2 toasters
  • Blender
  • Potato masher
  • Pasta ladle
  • Whisk
  • Ladle
  • X4 serving spoons
  • Spatula
  • X4 metal oven trays (mixed sizes)
  • Variety of baking trays (mixed sizes)
  • X3 rolling pins
  • Carving fork
  • X3 saucepans (small medium & large)
  • X4 steaming pans
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Pizza cutter
  • Garlic grater
  • Potato peeler
  • Bottle openers
  • Chopping boards
  • Child beakers & cutlery
  • Bowls
  • Dinner plates
  • Side plates
  • Mugs
  • Pint glasses
  • Wine glasses
  • Champagne glasses
  • Can opener
  • Scissors
  • Knifes, forks, tablespoons & teaspoons
  • Kitchen knife set
  • Kettle
  • Filter coffee machine
  • Oven mitts
  • Washing up bowl
  • Dustpan & brush

What kitchen cleaning equipment do you provide?

The kitchen has a cleaning spray, cleaning cloths, tea towels, dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid, bin liners and floor wash for your stay.

What kitchen equipment do you provide?

Enough for the number of your booking.

What sort of glasses do you provide?

Wine glasses. Pint and Half Pint Glasses. Tumblers and Champagne Flutes. We do not provide Cocktail Glasses.

What type of hob do you have?

We use an induction Hob. Pans for the correct use of this type of hob are provided.

Can I dive in the Pool?

No, the pool is to shallow for diving.

Can I have floats in the Pool?

Yes, but we ask you take them away with you at the end of your visit. We are not liable for any safety. Please see our Booking T & Cs.

Can I take drinks into the Pool?

We ask you not to, as if a glass gets broken, injury can occur.

Can you leave keys to lock the swimming pool doors?

Yes, there is a set left on a hook to the left side of the Lobby Entrance. A key is also left in Bedroom 9 (Deluxe Suite) access.

Do you have a Swimming Pool cover?

Yes, this is easily removed, however our Maintenance Manager Luke or Manager , Laura can assist with this if required. Please call them on the numbers provided.

Do you provide towels for the swimming pool?

No. However you may request these before your stay and we make a charge per towel.

How deep is the Pool?

Shallow end is 4ft, deep end 5ft.

In winter does the temperature of the Pool drop?

Yes, as the pool is heated by a ground heat source pump, this can happen, if it is very cold outside. Please ensure the swimming Pool Cover is left over, when not in use to help avoid this happening.

Is the Pool heated?

Yes, the heating is included in the cost of your stay.

What are the dimensions of the heated pool?

10 x 3 metres.

What is the temperature of the Pool?

The pool temperature stays around 30 degrees. In cold spells, this may alter slightly. We provide a pool cover and this is best left over to avoid this happening when not in use.

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vector of two people Sleeps 36
vector of a person in bed Bedrooms 9
vector of free standing bath with a shower over Bathrooms 8
vector of a knife and fork Dining Capacity 36
vector of a knife and fork Electric Car Charging
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During your stay and for your enjoyment, you are welcomed to use the complimentary amenities and all that you would anticipate in a 5* Gold Awarded Property, to include:

Television in each bedroom
Smart TV in the main seating area
TV in kitchen
DVD Library
Unlimited satellite Wi-Fi
Unlimited electric car charging
7ft Slate Pool Table, with cues
Heated swimming pool, with air-con
Under floor heating on the ground floor
Luxury leather furniture for you to relax
Chess Table & other games
Starlink (SpaceX) WiFi
Extensive family book collection
Whirlpool spa bath
Rain forest shower head
BBQ (bring your own briquettes)
Music system





Absolutely amazing! We visited here for our ‘mums night in’ with 29 of us attending. The venue is beautiful and we had everything we needed. So gorgeous and can’t wait to visit again.

Ellie Back

transparent_16x16.png - copy

Just got back from this amazing place for my sisters Hen do and I would give 10 stars if I could. I actually fell in love with everything. i cannot wait to go back. The staff are amazing, also Tina Luke and Laura are the best people couldnt make me feel more welcome. Will defo be back soon even if its on my own 🤣 I want to live in this house 😍 Thank you such guys xxxx

Sammantha Harvey

transparent_16x16.png - copy - copy

Went here for my friends hen weekend ...wot can i say .... WOW...Fantastic place ...everything you need and more ..the house is beautiful. ..the grounds are great ( not that we saw much of the outside lol ) bedrooms are perfect ..loved all the Windows opening so you could walk straight into the court yard bit and straight into the kitchen or straight into other bedrooms. Thank you very much ....and not forgetting the DJ Trev fantastic ...highly recommend this guy. I only have one complaint. wasn't long enuff!

Carol Mitchell

transparent_16x16.png - copy - copy - copy

We have just returned from an amazing weekend at Horspool celebrating a family birthday. What a fantastic place. The house is absolutely beautiful and has everything you could ever need! Kids absolutely loved having the swimming pool, pool table and also found a new hobby playing chess! Would highly recommend and would definitely love to go back one day x

Kate Wragg

transparent_16x16.png - copy - copy - copy - copy

Absolutely beautiful! The house is amazing it's so big! Loved the swimming pool and jacuzzi bathroom. Had a wonderful massage from Laura too. Would be perfect for a family get together! Caters for all ages, wifi, full sky tv package, pool table, football goals in the garden and lots of seating areas just to sit and chat and relax. def recommend and def will be coming back

Lisa Evans

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